What Are Some Mold Remediation Tips?

First, Where Does Mold Come From?

Mold is a common household problem, but most people need to learn where it comes from. Contrary to popular belief, mold doesn’t originate from dirt or dust – instead, it starts as spores in the air. These spores then enter our homes through open windows and doors, settling on moist surfaces such as bathtubs, showers, basements, and attics, providing the perfect environment for them to grow. These invisible spores can quickly spread into mold colonies with the right temperature and humidity. Be mindful of this when doing home maintenance to ensure that your indoor environment isn’t conducive to the growth of possibly harmful molds like black mold.

Can Your HVAC System Spread Mold?

It’s not just the musty smell that can indicate a potential mold problem in your home; it’s also where the odor comes from. HVAC systems are a common source of mold, as their moist and warm environment creates an ideal breeding ground for spores. The unchecked system mold infestation caused by contaminated HVAC systems has been known to cause various health issues ranging from respiratory difficulties to skin irritation. That is why frequent inspection and maintenance of your air conditioning and heating system are crucial if you want to ensure that it is free from impurities like mold.

Should You Get Your HVAC Inspected Before The New Season?

Homeowners should have their HVAC system inspected before turning it on each season. This is especially important to do if you’ve experienced water damage or suspect any mold growth in the area. Texas Pride Heating & Air can check for mold and other impurities and ensure the system is clean and free of contaminants.

How Can You Stop The Spread?

  • Mold remediation tips include checking furniture and carpets around your HVAC unit for signs of moisture or musty odors.
  • Check and see if you can find anything that could lead to water buildup, move it away from the area and repair any leaks quickly.
  • Keep vents, coils, and condensation pans clean by wiping them down with a damp cloth weekly or monthly, depending on how often your system is used.
  • To reduce mold growth in the HVAC system and home, install a quality air purification device that uses ultraviolet light or chemical reaction to destroy spores floating through the air.
  • Change your HVAC air filter monthly.

These simple steps will help homeowners keep their homes safe and healthy when turning on their HVAC system each season.

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