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General Manager

Chaz attended Harvard Business school and has been in the HVAC service industry since 2004. He began working for Texas Pride Heating and Air 3 years ago. Chaz enjoys this field of work because he loves the theory of air conditioning. He has a passion for bringing people comfort in their time of need. Customer’s homes are where they should be most comfortable and that’s what Chaz strives to bring them. Texas Pride Heating and Air is set apart from other companies by their honesty. They will always give our customers honest options to what their system needs and they take pride in their integrity.

In Chaz’s free time, he spends time with his wife and 4 children who he loves very much. Although his kids can drive him crazy at times, they are a blessing that keeps him and his wife grounded.

Client Success Story:

“I had an older client who was a widow and on a very fixed income. She had another company out that she had been using for years and they tried to get her to sign up for a $20,000+ system. We were able to repair the system for under $500 and get her on a maintenance plan. The system is still working to this day.”

“I also had a Korean War Veteran that with the help of a supplier was able to get him a new system that he desperately needed for no charge.”

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HVAC Technician

Duncan has been a part of the HVAC service industry for 5 years now, performing various jobs from supplier to commercial work. He enjoys this field of work because he has the chance to make people comfortable in their homes while dealing with complex physics and thermodynamics, as well as, diagnostics that require extensive thought and mechanical comprehension. Texas Pride Heating and Air sets itself apart from other companies because the team truly cares about their trade and the service they provide is rare.

In Duncan’s free time, he hangs out with his amazing wife and triplets. He also enjoys reading and continued learning. Duncan is also a huge fan of Tolkien.

Client Success Story:

“My favorite part of commissioning a new system is the chance to explain why decreased energy consumption is always a must, and lower humidity levels contribute more to comfort than most people think. I’ve had homeowners who used to keep the house at 65° change it to 75° with higher efficiency equipment.”

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Service Manager

Jacob began working for Texas Pride Heating and Air in January of 2020. He enjoys this field of work because there is always some new challenge or new lesson to be learned. Every day is a little bit different, whether he is changing out a system in a crawl space or tracing down a low voltage issue, he is doing it with a smile. The HVAC service industry runs in Jacob’s blood. With a father, Jay Thompson, an uncle, and a cousin all working in the same industry, it’s safe to say when Jacob was destined for this career. Texas Pride Heating and Air sets itself apart by its dedication to ensuring the customer is satisfied and comfortable.


In Jacob’s free time, he is either on the river or hanging out by the fire with friends and family. He enjoys playing on the computer and listening to audiobooks. Jacob was born and raised in Texas and currently is saving up for his future home with a view and some land. He wants to make it a place to grow fruits and veggies along with a space for his cats and dog, Miles, to run around.

Client Success Story:

“One long summer day, Chaz and I worked on an old unit all day and ran into every problem you could think of…The homeowners were convinced they were about to have to spend a fortune for all the labor hours. When we only charged them for the work performed they were astonished and have happily replaced both of their old HVAC systems with us.”

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Lead Installer

Israel is a highly qualified HVAC service technician with over ten years of experience. He is an expert to diagnose and repair/replace malfunctioning HVAC equipment effectively. When having a problem with your Heating or Air Conditioning equipment, Israel ready to diagnose and solve the problem.

Meet Our Office Staff

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Seila began working for Texas Pride Heating and Air 3 years ago. She enjoys this field of work because she loves helping people. Seila believes Texas Pride Heating and Air sets itself apart from other companies by wanting to grow as a genuine people company. The owners and techs handle their clients with a great deal of care. She has seen first hand that this company is the best.

In Seila’s free time, she hangs out with her husband and 4 children. They focus on taking life one day at a time.

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Office Manager

April has worked in customer service and management for 10+ years. She enjoys developing good relationships with both my coworkers and customers. April loves helping people however she can! April believes Texas Pride Heating and Air sets itself apart from other companies by its honesty and the way they truly care for every customer. She is proud to be a part of a family-owned business.


In April’s free time, she loves to watch basketball and cheer on the Dallas Mavericks. She also likes to spend time with her family, playing cards and board games.