Ventilation Solutions

    Poor air quality has many negative consequences on the health of homes and buildings. Effective, powerful ventilation can help support clean airflow, support HVAC system health, and help reduce moisture and condensation. Proper ventilation is also essential for keeping you, your family, and your employees safe with quality airflow. Texas Pride Heating & Air is here to help examine if your home or commercial building is properly ventilated. We can add, repair, and maintain ventilators on your building so the air is clean and safe for all occupants.

    Ductwork & Attic Solar Fans

    If ductwork and attic fans are properly installed and maintained, it helps promote healthy indoor air quality, airflow, promotes HVAC system efficiency – reducing utility costs, and even reduces dust.

    Texas Pride Heating & Air is top-rated for attic fans, ductwork repair or installation, and other cooling, heating, or ventilation services. We are licensed experts for all HVAC services and have years of experience in repairs, installations, and maintenance.

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    Benefits of Attic Solar Fans

    Texas Pride Heating & Air is here to help recommend and consult with you on the best solar fans options for your home, considering if they are the proper choice to uphold in Texas weather.

    • Conducts active airflow in otherwise stale areas
    • Supports the health of your HVAC system and roofing
    • Helps to diminish moisture resulting in less mold & mildew
    • Improves air quality through increasing air exchanges (per hour)
    • Expenses qualify for the 26% Federal Tax Credit Program
    • Adds no costs to run

    Signs of Poor Air Quality

    Depending on the type of facility, poor air quality can come from pollution, the outdoors, chemicals, the manufacturing process, or simply due to poor airflow.

    • Allergy symptoms (itchy eyes, sneezing & coughing)
    • Persistent illness among common inhabitants
    • Mold or mildew growth
    • Breathing difficulties
    • Sinus congestion
    • Dizziness