Commercial Solutions

    We’re here to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your commercial businesses. We deliver all our projects with utmost attention to your time, energy, and budget. You will benefit from high-quality solutions that are delivered on schedule and within the agreed-upon pricing.

    Commercial Maintenance Plans

    Your heating and cooling systems require regular care to work effectively all year long. We will assist in scheduling timely tune-ups in spring and before winter to help prevent any potential issues before they occur.

    We thoroughly inspect your unit(s) each maintenance visit to identify any potential issues and make sure to clean the unit. These proactive services prevent common repair issues and extend the life and health of your HVAC system, resulting in maintaining energy efficiency and consistent comfort levels throughout the year.




    Take great care of your employees, protecting their safety, comfort and productivity all year long with an expert team regularly maintaining your HVAC.

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    Air Conditioning Services

    An efficient AC system is critical for any business in the hot, sunny, and often humid Texas environment. Texas Pride Heating & Air Technicians are highly skilled with air conditioning services. Our technicians work closely with you to select a system that offers the best cost-effective solution for your needs.

    Are you considering a new installation upgrade? Or curious about extending the life of your current system? We offer both new system installations, AC repairs, as well as ongoing maintenance plans. We’re here to help talk through your various options.

    Heating Services

    We recognize that you need an effective heater in shape to respond quickly to fluctuations in the temperature. This is why the Texas Pride Heating & Air HVAC team is committed to the health of your HVAC system all year long. They say, “if you don’t like Texas weather, just wait 5 minutes, and it will change!”

    We offer many heating system solutions for commercial spaces. We also handle heating system repairs and offer prompt appointment scheduling for efficient resolutions, so your staff or equipment can be in an excellently temperature-controlled spaces as soon as possible.