Insulation Services

    Texas Pride Heating & Air is here to answer all of your insulation questions and consult with you on the most energy-efficient and cost-effective options that are best for your home. Texas Pride Heating & Air is experienced in upgrading insulation and providing new insulation for residential, commercial, and new build construction projects.

    Blown-in Insulation

    This type of insulation can fill everywhere possible, filling in tight spots or awkward angles. It creates complete fluffy layers of highly effective insulation. Blown-in insulation can quickly cover large areas as well.

    We often utilize loose-fill fiberglass or cellulose options that can be blown onto your attic floors and between walls or other places that may require insulation. We also can apply insulation in areas where air leaks are prevalent.

    Overall, blown-in insulations can be a suitable choice as they have the option of being blown in over existing insulation, between walls, and even in-ceiling joints.


    Is it Time to Upgrade?

    Removing old insulation, particularly in attics, has many benefits. Insulation ages over time and becomes less and less effective. Texas Pride Heating & Air is here to help consult with you if your current insulation is performing inadequately. We’re here to talk through options that are best for your budget and needs.

    When it is time to upgrade, the Texas Pride Heating & Air team will carefully remove the old insulation, provide cleaning and sanitation of your attic before installing the new insulation.

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    Benefits of Quality Insulation

    Energy Bill Savings

    A well-insulated building translates into lower utility bills. After upgrading insulation, the average homeowner saves anywhere from 20-50% on gas or electric bills. This results in significant savings year after year. Additionally, there are some tax rebates or other Texas state or local incentives you could be eligible for by upgrading your insulation.

    Reduce Moisture Build-up

    Out-of-date, poor quality and too little insulation could create excessive moisture build-up in your attic and living spaces creating an environment for mold growth. Quality and well-installed insulation will help reduce excessive moisture build-up.

    Diminish Outdoor Noise

    Upgraded and top-quality insulation will help to reduce the amount noise from outside of your home or building.

    Improve Air Quality

    Our number 1 reason we believe homeowners and business owners should consider upgrading or choosing higher-quality insulation is air quality. New insulation will promote overall cleaner air quality for the home or commercial building.

    Prevention of Bugs & Rodents

    We’re here to consult and provide advice for helping prevent bugs and rodents in the future before installing new insulation.

    Care for Your Environment, Be Green

    By reducing energy waste, you are helping the environment and are reducing your carbon footprint.