We were contacted by Frank’s caretaker, Julie, asking if we had any used units that we could provide. She had been calling every AC company in the area and was panicked because he had been suffering for multiple days without AC. If I remember correctly, it was over a week. I went over there to check and see if it was something simple, but the compressor was out, and due to the age of the system, there was nothing that we could do. I decided to go ahead and reach out to my territory managers from the supply houses that we worked with to see what could be done.

My dad was a Vietnam veteran, and the thought of this almost 90-year-old man suffering in the Texas heat with no hope from his family or anyone else was unacceptable to me. Lennox was willing to give the furnace at no cost, but we would have to pay for the condensing unit. Julie (Frank’s caretaker) was especially friendly and wanted to pay us back for what we had done. She had a connection with the news company, NBC, and the next thing I knew, NBC contacted me to do a story about what we had done. Because of the exposure, Lennox gave us the unit at no cost.

– Chaz, General Manager

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