The customer testimonial from the Adams family was lovely. This is a couple from Nevada, Texas. They had another HVAC company sell them a system, but when the company arrived to install it, they said the job could not be completed. The Adams then contacted us because a customer who had used us before told them that Texas Pride Heating & Air could get it done.

It was a tough job that took us 2 1/2 days to complete because we had to climb under their house and dig a way to get to the duct that needed to be replaced. Thankfully, Pat, who wrote the letter and said that she never heard us cuss, was outside the house while we were under there. It was a significant job, and there were some scary moments when we found snakeheads and other critters crawling under there. There wasn’t even enough room to roll over underneath that house, and there were many areas to cover.

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