There are many homeowners today who are spending money on residential remodeling projects to increase the value of your home. As many seasoned homeowners know, certain projects will add valuable equity to your property and others that won’t. One of these things that anyone can do to add equity to your home is to upgrade your HVAC unit. While upgrades like modern light fixtures and fancy countertops are a nice luxury to have for homeowners, HVAC systems are a must-have and critical addition to the property.

After all, if you have a broken HVAC system in the home or are sitting on a property that can’t cool or heat, you may find buyers will walk away from the home. If you are looking to invest in your home’s HVAC system, is easy to be cautious about the price tag.
However, according to the National Association of Realtors, HVAC remodels have a higher average return of investment when compared to other home renovations. Experts estimate that these types of improvements yield a return of up to 71%.

HVAC systems are often brought up as a major selling point when attempting to sell your home. Typically, the rule of thumb is, if the system was installed less than 10 years ago, it likely has several years left of operation. Anything older than 15 years will typically be a turn-off for buyers. Keep this in mind if you are planning on listing your home.
Before you decide to upgrade your home’s HVAC system, you must have a professional out to your home to look at your current system and make suggestions on the best options for upgrading your home. You of course also want an expert that knows how to properly install your system so there are no issues down the line.

If you are ready for a new HVAC installation or have questions about what type of system will work best for you, contact the experts here at Texas Pride Heating & Air. We have been keeping clients in the greater Dallas area cool, safe, and comfortable even in that Texas heat for years—and are happy to help you find a new HVAC system that will work best for you.

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