January 27

PremierOne’s PureFlo HP500 Whole House True HEPA Air Cleaner

The Premierone PureFlo HP500 Whole House True HEPA Air Cleaner is just the thing to make sure your home’s air stays fresh and clean. This… View Article Read More

Air Purifier
January 25

PremierOne’s – UV Air Purifier MUV7-50DR

Texas Pride Heating & Air can provide the perfect solution for your air quality needs – the PremierOne UV Air Purifier MUV7-50DR. Maintaining Indoor Air… View Article Read More

January 19

PremierOne’s – Polarized Media Air Cleaner

Homeowners today have more options than ever when it comes to improving the air quality of their homes. PremierOne’s polarized media filter is a cutting-edge… View Article Read More

Air Quality in Southland, TX
April 6

Simple, Everyday Things That May Be Ruining Your Home’s Air Quality

The air quality inside your home is so important, but it is something that many homeowners unfortunately overlook. While most people know that air pollution… View Article Read More

Dry Air in Southlake, TX
February 2

Will a Gas Furnace Dry Out My Home?

One of the common reasons that people are averse to gas furnaces is they hear that they are often the cause of drier indoor air…. View Article Read More

December 30

Common Furnace Smells and Their Meanings

It’s common to smell uncharacteristic smells from your furnace from time to time, but it can be tricky to decipher whether or not the smell… View Article Read More

Duct Cleaning in Southlake, TX
November 1

Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned

When it comes to ways you wish to use a summer day, using it cleaning your air ducts (or having them cleaned by a professional)… View Article Read More

Uneven Heating in Southlake, TX
November 1

Why Are There Hot and Cold Spots in My House?

Posted at 21:36h in Air Conditioning, Air Quality, Heater, Residential by Cold spots in one’s home can be one of the most baffling and frustrating… View Article Read More

Pregnancy Air Quality in Southlake, TX
September 21

What Expectant Mothers Should Know About Indoor Pollution

Are you an expectant mother? Do you want to prevent indoor pollution in pregnancy? Pregnancy is a period that requires a lot of care and… View Article Read More

Pet Ownership in Southlake, TX
September 21

Practical HVAC Maintenace Tips for Pet Owners

Are you a pet owner? Pets provide immense benefits such as companionship, pleasure, pest control, protection, breeding, and sports. But they come with tons of… View Article Read More