Air filters are an important component for your HVAC system, but one that most people easily overlook. Most homeowners don’t think much about any of the components of their HVAC system until it stops working in the way it is supposed to.

Many times, when your HVAC system stops running properly, the first thing that any expert will tell you to do is to check the air filter. Most complications and failures all have to do with air filters When the air filter is clogged it can cause major problems in your system.

Why Are Air Filters so Important?

HVAC air filters are designed to act as a barrier to protect your system from the outside world and to make sure that contaminants and particles in the air don’t get into the sensitive parts of your system. When too many particles like lint, air, animal fur, or mold clog up the system then the filter can’t do its job and problems can happen.

How Often Should I Be Replacing My Air Filters?

If you aren’t changing out your air filter enough, then it can cause your entire system to shut down and start working. However, most homeowners want to know how often is often enough. Most manufacturers recommend that filters be changed every 30 to 60 days.

However, if you have multiple pets in your home or if anyone suffers from allergies, more frequent changes may be necessary. In these situations, you should plan on changing out your filter every 20 to 45 days. Some people may wait as long as 90 days if they don’t have any pets in the home but pushing it much farther than that can come with some consequences.

So What Exactly Will Happen If I Don’t Change the Air Filter?

When you let your air filters go too long, you will get a thick build-up of debris preventing the filter from working. It is similar to how your dryer filter looks if you forget to empty out the lint. When this happens, the build-up can create an impenetrable wall that prevents air from flowing through your HVAC system, and your system needs air to work.

This can result in it:

  • Higher Energy Bills
  • Poor Temperature Regulation
  • Health Concerns, Particularly for Those with Allergies
  • Furnace Failures
  • Clamped-Up Coils

The best thing you can do right now is to check your air filters and change them if needed. Then get yourself on a regular schedule for air filter replacement.

If you have questions about your air filter, contact the experts here at Texas Pride Heating and Air. We have been keeping clients in the greater Dallas area cool, safe, and comfortable even in that Texas heat for years—and are happy to help you with all of your HVAC and maintenance needs.

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