We Love Our Dogs & Cats Their Our Family!

We all love our furry friends so much that it is no wonder why many of us consider our cats and dogs to be members of the family. They offer unconditional love and acceptance, loyalty, support during hard times, playful adventure when needed, and cuddles whenever desired. Our pets enrich our lives in ways we often don’t recognize until it is too late. Taking care of them brings joy, purpose, and accomplishment, which tricks us into believing that despite lapses or mistakes elsewhere in life, at least some things are under our control. It can also give us an appreciation for other creatures and how important they are to have around. Loving these animals as part of the family is a beautiful reminder that not everything needs a label to be meaningful and full of love.

What Impact Does Our Pets Fur Have On Our HVAC System?

When we adopt a fur pet like a cat or dog, we often don’t consider their fur’s impact on our HVAC systems. The fur released into the air will build up in our duct work, clog filters, and reduce efficiency. This can cause additional strain on our HVAC system as it has to expend more energy to move air throughout the house, leading to higher electricity bills.

How Can We Help Our Air Conditioning & Heating With Our Puppies & Paws?

We love our dogs and cats! How can we take care of our sweet babies and our HVAC system?

1. Change your Filter Every Month

HVAC Filter

Taking care of our home air filtration system is important to keep us healthy and comfortable. Every month, we should be sure to replace the filter on our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system with a new one. This helps remove dirt, dust, and other particles from our indoor air while keeping the system running efficiently. A clean filter makes our home environment more pleasant and can even go toward reducing energy bills. Replacing our filter every month ensures we are making the most out of our HVAC system, so it’s worth adding this task to your regular maintenance routine.

Quality air filters are the key to eliminating pet dander in your home. This is important for people who suffer from pet allergies. The MERV rating measures the effectiveness of your air filter. In addition, the MERV rating estimates how efficiently a filter can reduce particulate sizes and enable indoor air quality. Lower MERV ratings – between 5 and 8 – are standard for modern homes. Ten is best for people with allergies, as it catches smaller particles like pet dander and prevents them from circulating through your HVAC unit or radiating back into your home air.

Groom Your Pets

Fat Cat Looking at a Labtop

Pet owners are responsible for ensuring their pets are groomed. Depending on the type of pet you have, your individual furry friend may end up leaving a lot of fur in your HVAC system. This fur could break off into small pieces that will find their way into the HVAC filter. When this happens, it can cause unnecessary maintenance expenses because the inside of the filters becomes clogged with fur.
Brushing your pet several times a week will keep fur from accumulating inside the unit, which can reduce cooling efficiency, damage the system’s blower, increase energy costs, and waste electricity. In addition, by grooming your dog or cat regularly, you can keep up your AC maintenance.

Keep Your Home Vaccuumed

Lady Vacuuming the carpet

Carpets and hard surfaces collect dust, animal hair, and other allergens over time. But a surprising quantity of these will stick to your HVAC system’s filter. As the pet fur builds up over time, it reduces the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system, which will be reflected in your energy bills.
Vacuuming is a reliable way to remove pet dander and hair from carpets and rugs. Regular vacuuming prevents the accumulation of dander and hair, which increases airflow through your air conditioning system’s air filters. In addition, periodic maintenance saves you money on repair bills and replacement filters.

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Texas Pride Heating & Air understands the importance of keeping your unit in top running condition. That’s why they offer membership in their maintenance club to keep your system checked out and running efficiently. During each visit, a skilled technician will come to your home, inspect every system component, and make any necessary adjustments. You’ll also be advised how to take better care of your system at home in-between visits. Members enjoy discounts on repairs and additional service for their units to ensure all your needs are met. With Texas Pride Heating & Air’s maintenance Club, you can rest easy knowing that someone is ensuring that the air you and your family breathe is healthy, clean, and efficient all year round.

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