The boiler is a very important, and unfortunately often overlooked piece of equipment in the home. While most people just let their boiler run and don’t think twice about it, the boiler is a very important piece of equipment in the home. Boilers create steam in the home and are essential to heating your property if you have radiator systems and are an economical and eco-friendly solution for heating your property.

Your boiler is an essential component for your home, which is why you don’t want it to suddenly stop working when you need it the most. The best way to make sure that your boiler doesn’t just stop working in the winter when you need it the most is to be on the lookout for signs that your boiler may need repair. Here are the most common signs to look for.

Leaks If you see a puddle of water near the base of your boiler, this can be a sign of an issue. Sometimes, this is a sign of a simple problem like a loose pipe, or it can be a much more complex issue like a faulty pump seal or pressure valve.

  1. Unusual Sounds
    Sometimes, boilers, particularly older boilers make strange sounds when they are starting up or shutting down. However, if you notice consistent sounds like a whistling noise, clunking or gurgling, these are all troublesome signs and signals that may indicate a serious issue is forming in the boiler.
  2. Strange Smells
    If you notice unusual or bad smells near your boiler, such as a burning smell or rotten-egg smells, it could mean that there is gas is leaking from somewhere near the boiler. If you notice this smell, shut down the system until you get a professional to look at your boiler.
  3. Water is Not As Hot
    If the sinks and showers in your home don’t seem as hot as they used to, there may be an issue with the boiler. It is important to get this looked at before the heat and hot water stops completely.
  4. Higher Energy Bills
    If all of a sudden you notice higher energy bills in the home for no apparent reason, then you may have an issue with your boiler. If your boiler has to work harder and burn more fuel in the colder weather, it may be a sign that your boiler is working harder than it needs to and may need repair or replacement.
  5. If you start to notice some of these signs, then it is time to call a professional HVAC technician to look at your boiler and get it fixed before it completely stops working.

    If you have questions about your boiler or are concerned that it may need repair, then contact the experts here at Texas Pride Heating & Air. We are the Dallas/Ft. Worth area experts when it comes to all things related to your home HVAC system. Whether you need a repair or a full replacement, we are the experts here for you.

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