With the cooler months quickly approaching here in Texas, it is so important for you to make sure you’re preparing your HVAC system for winter. Even though it doesn’t get particularly cold in Texas as it does in other areas of the country, it is still cool enough here to need a properly functioning heating system in your home.

In order to make sure this HVAC system is equipped for optimal performance, here are a few things you can do in order to prepare your system for winter.

Proper prevention will help keep your system running as it should be and help you avoid costly repairs or breakdowns. Here’s what you can be doing to get ready for those cooler months:

Change Out Your Filter

After your air conditioner has been running all summer long combating that Texas heat, you need to make sure that you change out the filter before winter. When dirt, dander, and debris get sucked it can really damage your system. In fact, this is the most common system that HVAC systems end up breaking down.

Dirty filters will also make your system much less efficient and can end up costing you a lot of unnecessary funds. You should realistically change your air filter every 30 days, especially if they tend to get clogged quite often. You should never wait longer than 90 days to replace your filter.

The first thing you should do is to swap out your filter, then go and pickup plenty of backup air filters so you’re ready to replace them as needed throughout the winter.

Turn on Your Furnace A Few Times Before It Gets Really Cold

Do not wait for the first really cold day to turn on and test out your furnace. Try your furnace out at least three times when it is still relatively mild out. You never know what happens to your heating system during the off-season. There can be build up, or even small animals in the ventilation systems or flue—which can prevent your HVAC system from working properly.

Call A Professional for Regular Maintenance

Every fall, you should schedule a professional maintenance appointment for your HVAC system. Your furnace is a complex piece of equipment, it not only has an internal flame, but it also uses carbon monoxide and natural gas to produce heat. In short, if you don’t have professional training on how to work with these elements, you shouldn’t mess with your system.

With a professional tune-up you can make sure that you are safely getting your furnace cleaned and ready for heating system. This will help keep your house warm, help improve your air quality and make extend the life of your HVAC system as well.

If you have more questions about preparing your HVAC system for winter or need a professional to help, come winterize your system for the season—Texas Pride Heating & Air is here to help. Let our experts come and make sure your system is ready for the cooler months. This way, you can sit back, relax and not worry about your HVAC system when you need it most.

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