Winterizing Tips To help

Winter is here, and our neighbors in Fort Worth, Arlington, Southlake, Keller, and the whole Tarrant area will be hit with cold, freezing weather. Ensure you prepare your pipes and sealing windows, and don’t get caught off guard when the temperatures drop.

Here are some reminders for freezing weather coming up.

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Insulate window frames and doors.

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Keep your heater at a set thermostat.

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Safeguard your pipes with insulation to prevent bursts.

During the freeze, leave your sink & bathroom cabinets open to keep the plumbing warm.

Make sure your HVAC Filter is changed. A dirty filter can cause the unit to freeze up. A clean filter helps your air conditioning and heater to breathe. Your HVAC needs to breathe clearly. Changing the filter is essential all year long.

Texas Pride Heating & Air wants to make sure you stay warm. We hope these reminders will help make this weather easier for you.

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