Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner!

A ductless heating and air conditioning system is the perfect solution for homes or businesses where traditional ductwork isn’t viable. These systems make climate control easy, allowing you to adjust the temperature in each room individually with remote control. The main components of a mini-split system consist of an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and a remote that makes it easy to maintain temperature levels no matter which area you’re in. These systems are designed to ensure maximum efficiency while providing consistent air comfort throughout the property. With their simple installation process, ease of use, and energy efficiency, ductless systems have quickly become the preferred method for heat and cooling needs.

What Is The Benefits Of Having A Ductless HVAC System?

Investing in a ductless HVAC system comes with many attractive benefits. Firstly, it can save homeowners both time and money. A ductless installation process is much faster than traditional HVAC systems because it requires no duct work or attic access, significantly lessening labor costs. The smart technology inside of the ductless system allows homeowners to control the temperature of each room in their own given space, meaning that they can choose exactly how warm or cool they want the atmosphere to be without paying for more energy than necessary. Residents also benefit from a quieter environment since the noise from a traditional HVAC is replaced by air distributed outside of interior walls. Finally, due to its ingenious design containing only two components (an indoor unit and an outdoor compressor) rather than pieces spread throughout a home in various rooms and vents, ductless systems are easier to install and maintain, allowing users to enjoy many years of efficient performance without any hassle or added cost.

What Are Some Applications For Ductless Heating and Cooling?

  • Residential Properties, including houses, apartments, condos
  • Commercial Properties like restaurants, hotels, and stores
  • Institutional Properties like schools and churches
  • Multifamily housing
  • Retrofit add-ons to houses with hot water, radiant panels, or space heating systems.
  • Room additions or small apartments where central AC/heat won’t work

What Are The Options For Installation Of Ductless HVAC?

Ductless systems can be installed by ceiling suspension,
mounted flush into a drop ceiling, wall-mounted, and

How Does Ductless AC Work?

Each ductless AC has an outdoor unit connected to 1–4 indoor units, each with a remote control. In other words, if you have a ductless AC unit in your bedroom and another in your guest bedroom, you can keep your room at a cool 68 degrees while your guest can keep the room temperature at 70 degrees.

How Does Ductless Heating System Work?

A ductless heat pump works the same way as a ductless AC unit. These systems are often dual-use, meaning they work as a ductless HVAC system that heats and cool. Wiring and coolant run from the indoor unit(s) to the outdoor unit is controlled by your selection on the individual unit’s remote for that room.

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