When you get a headache, your first instinct might be to reach for a pain reliever. Headaches can happen for many reasons like stress. They can also go along with other conditions or be a symptom of a disease. If you have one that lasts for a long time or one that only seems to hit when you run your air conditioner, it’s time to look at your system. Though it may seem hard to believe, your AC can give you a headache, but you can find out why it happens and what to do next.

Loud Noises

One reason you only feel pain in your head when the AC runs is that it is simply too loud. While some systems run quietly, others produce knocking or banging sounds. You might also hear some general noises that worsen with time. These sounds can relate to the fan, blower, and other parts. People who suffer from migraines often find that loud noises are a trigger. Installing a new unit that runs quieter can prevent migraines.

Dirty Filters

AC filters do a great job of keeping your home’s air clean. They capture most of the particles that usually float through the air and make their way to you. Depending on whether you have pets and if anyone in your home has allergies, replace the filters every three months or as often as once a month. People who have allergies are more susceptible to headaches caused by dirty filters. The debris can cause aches and pains in others, too.

Chemical Exposure

Don’t assume that just because you keep your home clean and take care of your AC that you can’t blame the system for your headaches. The chemicals you use for cleaning can easily spread through your home. If you don’t have correct ventilation, the AC will keep circulating the same chemicals. They can irritate your throat and lungs and cause some pain in your head. Headaches can also occur because the AC spreads the chemicals through your ducts and vents into other areas of your home.

Blood Vessel Contraction

As much as you love feeling the icy chill from your AC on a cold day, it can lead to headaches and make existing aches worse. The human body reacts to cold air with blood vessel contraction. It tries to maintain your body temperature and prevent you from losing the necessary heat. Headaches happen as the blood vessels in your head contract to cope with the chill. You don’t need to repair the AC to cope with this system because you can increase your home’s temperature by a few degrees.

Lack of Humidity

Another reason you and others in your home can have headaches is that there is a lack of humidity. Many people who live in Texas like to beat the heat and humidity by relaxing inside. The problem is that cranking up the AC can lower the humidity level and lead to dehydration. The signs of dehydration vary from person to person but often include using the bathroom less often, having a dry mouth, and feeling tired. We recommend you install a humidifier to work with your AC to compensate for a lack of humidity.

Mold Exposure

In the same way that your AC can spread chemicals, it can also circulate mold and leave your whole family exposed to it. Even if you don’t have a dangerous form of black mold, you can still experience headaches when you have a high concentration of the spores in your Texas home. It’s also possible for mold to grow inside the unit itself, especially around the evaporator coils. These coils stay cold to produce the cool air you want. Other appliances and hot weather can change the ambient temperature and create the perfect breeding ground for mold. Every time you run the AC, it will spread the mold spores through your ducts. Many people who have allergies or breathing conditions suffer headaches caused by mold exposure.

Trust the Pros

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent headaches caused by your cooling system. At Texas Pride Heating & Air, you’ll find trustworthy pros who can handle all elements of your air conditioning. The services we offer for those in Keller and surrounding communities include AC installation, maintenance, and repairs as well as heating services. Let us find the cause of your headaches and fix it. We offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that you get help whenever you call. To learn more about how our services can prevent AC headaches, give us a call today.

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