There is nothing that a homeowner will dread more than dealing with a broken or struggling HVAC unit. Here at Texas Pride Heating & Air, we get a lot of calls about problems with HVAC systems, and a lot of questions from concerned customers. One of the first things that our customers will ask us is, “is it time to replace my HVAC system?”

We always take the time to inspect your system before we give you a final answer, but there are still some telltale signs that it is time for a new unit and that a certain piece of equipment may be beyond repair. Here are the five most common signs it is time to replace your HVAC unit.

  1. Your Utility Bills Are Getting Higher for No Reason
    If you are noticing that it costs much more to heat or cool your property compared to the same month last year—this can be a major warning sign. While there are always exceptions to this rule, if you are noticing significant increases in your utility bills, it may be a sign that your system is wearing down. While getting a new system can be costly, it typically is more cost-effective over time to replace
  2. You’re Seeing More Breakdowns
    Every HVAC system is bound to need some small repairs or maintenance, but if you are starting to see more frequent breakdowns, it may be cause for concern. If your system starts leaking refrigerant or big pieces like the compressor stops working, call a professional HVAC company to come take a look at your system. They will be able to tell you if it makes more sense to repair or replace the system.
  3. It’s Been More than 15 Years
    If you haven’t replaced your system in more than 15 years and are having issues with it—make sure that you contact a professional to come look at your HVAC system for you. They will either be able to perform necessary maintenance to keep it up and running, or let you know if it is time for a replacement.
  4. It Struggles With Climate Control
    If you find that one room in your house is super hot and the next is freezing, and you just don’t experience consistency throughout your space—then it may be time for a replacement. An ineffective HVAC system will struggle with regulating temps in large spaces and it can actually also cause issues with dust, mold and mildew.
  5. It Has Stopped Working Completely
    It’s a pretty obvious clue, yes, but if your HVAC system just doesn’t work at all, it may be beyond repair. We always recommend checking out your heating system before it gets too cold and your cooling system before it gets too hot. Testing out your systems while the weather is still mild is a great way to figure out issues before you really need your HVAC system to work its best.

If you have questions about your HVAC system, or if you want to know if you are dealing with a possible repair or replacement, contact the experts here at Texas Pride Heating and Air for an appointment. We can help get to the bottom of the issue with your system and help you find the best solution for your HVAC problem.

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