When you encounter an issue, scheduling professional AC unit repair in Rendon, TX, is the quickest, most reliable way to get you back to feeling cool and comfortable fast. The weather can get very hot, and there’s nothing worse than your air conditioning system breaking down on a scorching day. From air conditioning repair to an AC tune-up, our team at Texas Pride Heating & Air has the knowledge and expertise to get your system back up and running fast.

    Common AC Problems in Rendon, TX

  • Refrigerant Leaks: Low refrigerant levels can cause your AC to lose cooling efficiency. Leaks should be repaired, and the refrigerant should be recharged by a professional.
  • Electrical Issues: Faulty wiring, tripped breakers, or worn-out components can prevent your AC from functioning properly.
  • Frozen Coils: This can be caused by dirty air filters, low refrigerant levels, or airflow problems, resulting in reduced cooling capacity.
  • Sensor Problems: Thermostat sensor issues can cause the AC to cycle constantly or behave erratically.
  • Drainage Problems: Clogged condensate drains can lead to water damage and affect the AC’s performance.