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AC Service Southlake

AC Service Southlake

In the case of AC issues, we advise hiring professionals to inspect your unit once per year. Otherwise, you’re risking your entire household’s well being. With the AC service in Southlake, you can set your mind at ease, be it summer or winter. Count on the Texas Pride team to cut your losses to a minimum when your HVAC breaks down.

How do you know when the air conditioner is faulty?

A broken air conditioner that either works improperly or doesn’t work at all gives off many warning signs:

  • Listen to your unit when it starts – if it makes weird noises, there’s something wrong with it
  • Check the compressor fan – if the expelled air is lukewarm or slightly cool, the compressor isn’t working properly
  • Check your electric bill – if the bill is skyrocketing, but your AC doesn’t keep the room cool enough, call for maintenance
  • Thermostat problems
  • Strange smell

If you’ve already started noticing these signs, then it’s a dead give-away of a busty AC unit. We recommend contacting us immediately so we can get you up and running sooner rather than later. Our emergency repair service is available 24/7, from Monday until Sunday.

What to do when your AC doesn’t work

There’s only one thing you can do when your HVAC starts making weird noises. Call the AC service Southlake, and we’ll send someone there to inspect your system. If there’s something we can fix there, we won’t waste your time and ours. If the problem is much worse than we anticipated, we’ll make it a priority to inform you beforehand.

We don’t recommend you start repairing your own AC unit simply because you might end up making matters worse. For proper maintenance, you require specialized tools and knowledge of an AC's structure. Our team of experts has both the tools and the means to maintain your HVAC working properly.

Comfortable and healthy home

To keep your home cool during summer and warm during the winter season, you have to ensure your HVAC works flawlessly. This means no weird noises, no odd smells, no thermostat problems, and optimal airflow.

If you notice any disturbance with the AC or the heated ventilation system, it’s worth looking into it. By this, we mean fast dialing our number and calling for a team over. We’ll assess the damages and repair your AC in a matter of hours, depending on how severely damaged it is.

When should I replace my AC unit?

Generally speaking, AC units have a lifespan of about 15 years, after which you should replace them with newer versions. This is mainly because the components will become worn-out, no matter how maintained they are. However, with the AC Service in Southlake, replacing an old AC unit becomes as easy as calling our number.

Trust in the Texas Pride to assist you with any HVAC-related problems, including repairs, maintenance, installation, and replacement. It’s what we’re good at, and we’re glad to offer our services to you. When it comes to quality and experience, we strive to become the best in the industry.

AC Service Southlake
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AC Service Southlake AC Service Southlake


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