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AC Repair Southlake

AC Repair Southlake

Do you need AC Repair in Southlake, TX? Texas Pride Heating and Air has professional HVAC technicians that can get your AC repaired.

Why Choose Us?

All of our technicians are highly trained and skilled, and we take pride in our job. Our goal is to keep your home and family comfortable. We are experienced at AC repair in Southlake and will help get your units up and running. Repair bills can be costly, and we will give you excellent service for a fair price.

An air conditioner unit has five main parts:



Condenser Coil

Expansion Valve

Evaporator Coil

If any of these parts are not working correctly, your system won't cool your home as expected. When your system is functioning efficiently, it pulls warm air from the return ducts and replaces it with cooler air. If your system is too small for your home, it will burden your unit and make it work harder. If an air conditioner works harder, it won't last as long, nor will it be as efficient. 

Our HVAC technicians are professionals and trained to troubleshoot and repair a variety of different brands of equipment. AC repair in Southlake can be done promptly and professionally by one of our dedicated technicians.

Do Air Conditioning Systems Require Maintenance?

You should have your AC maintained by a professional company that specializes in its upkeep. If you keep your equipment maintained, you will save yourself money on your utility bill. A unit that is well maintained will also save you money on surprise repair bills. Most experts agree an annual maintenance plan will ensure your unit lasts longer and runs efficiently. When you have your AC unit inspected and cleaned, your HVAC technician will be able to spot problems before they occur.

Your HVAC tune-up or maintenance will include the following:

Your system will have a complete inspection. The technician will be looking for signs of wear and tear. He/she will check the drain pan and all electrical wiring. The level of your refrigerant will be tested, and all other components.  Then your AC unit will be cleaned, and your filter changed. If your technician finds any potential problems, you will be told and given options on what can be done. Most of the time, a technician will fix small problems as they inspect your system, which will save you money because you will not need a service call.

You can also help keep your air conditioner running better by making sure there is no debris or unwanted vegetation around the exterior condenser/compressor. This will allow for better airflow.

What If I Need to Purchase A New System?

There are times when an older system is worn out and needs replacing. You need the advice of a trusted heating and air conditioning expert. A professional can assist you in picking out the right system for your home — quality and size matters when it comes to HVAC equipment.

We understand that Heating and Cooling Systems are expensive, and you may need to finance or lease one. We can direct you in the right direction. Let Texas Pride Heating and Air help today.

AC Repair Southlake
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AC Repair Southlake AC Repair Southlake


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